Each year, Tommy and I partake in two Thanksgiving feasts….and our waistlines show it! The Sunday before Thanksgiving, the Taylors host Thanksgiving at their house before everyone travels in their own direction on Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Taylor’s dishes that she is known for are her homemade macaroni and her meatballs….so yummy! Addiasn had a great time pulling out the old toys that her cousins used to play with over at the Taylors…15 years ago! This just goes to show that cars, books, and figurine dolls are classic toys that will never go out of style.

On Thanksgiving Day, we traveled to Charlottesville to have Thanksgiving with the Miller side of the family. Chuck and Kris did a wonderful job with the spread. This was our first year not hosting Thanksgiving since moving to Richmond and secretly, it was kinda nice:) My brother and his family came over from Yorktown and all of the cousins had a chance to be together. In addition, Kris’s dad and step mom were there as well as my parents. Chuck smoked part of the turkey and it was delicious! He also made for his pregnant sister, his famous baked carrots in this sugary sauce that is to die for. You know they must be good because I am not one to love vegetables! We played air hockey, foosball, board games…and just had a low stress, relaxing time.

Below are pictures from our Thanksgiving Feasts.

From the Taylor House:

Billy, Susan, Neely, Chris, and JuJu

Popeye, Carl, Lora, Billy, and Susan

Popeye and Addisan reading a story together.

Tommy always has a way of taking pictures when we are not ready.

Addisan had seconds before we even left the Taylors.

Addisan back at our house after a fun filled day. I think she is wondering what happened to all of the excitement.

From the Miller House:
Addisan rocking it out on Boo’s (a.k.a. her cousin Forrest) Guitar Hero.

Justine just chillin‘.

Samantha relaxing and reading after eating all that turkey.

Dad sporting his JMU pride.

Addisan trying to make words with the Scrabble pieces.

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