Soccer Time

With winter approaching, I thought signing up Addisan for indoor soccer might be a good idea to get out some of her energy. In addition, I thought it was a great idea for some quality bonding time for Daddy and Addisan. I don’t know what is more amusing…watching Addisan go to the beat of her own drummer during practice or Tommy trying to keep up with her. The coaches do a lot of age appropriate activities with the two year olds. They begin each class with stretching and then they proceed to running the field, kicking the balls off of cones, walking the “rocks”, dribbling the balls, kicking balloons, and other fun things. The coaches also provide snack at the end of each practice…so cute! I do not think Addisan is a natural born soccer player, but I know she has a lot of fun….which is all that really matters. My little girl is not so little anymore…she is growing up way too quickly.

Daddy helping Addisan walk the “rocks.”

Addisan dribbling the ball down the field with Daddy cheering her on.

Addisan and Daddy stretching.

Look at her go!

This is Addisan’s trouble on the field…she is known for handballs.

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