Welcome to the World Campbell

So here I am with my second child, but still feeling like a first time mom at moments. We had to wait a month before taking Addisan home. This has been such a blessing to take Campbell home right away and begin to bond with her. One thing though is still the same…that instant feeling of unconditional love you have for your little one after only meeting them for a second. The feelings of joy, fear, and awe. One of my biggest fears of having another child was wondering how I could love her as much as I love Addisan. I would ask myself what else I could want more in another child that Addisan does not possess….and the answer was always nothing. I knew I did not want Addisan to be an only child, but wondered how a second child would fit into our family puzzle. Without any hesitation, I can say Campbell was the missing piece I never knew was missing. She has already brought our entire family even closer together. With every addition we bring to our family….both two legged and four legged…we get stronger and stronger as a unit. I also learned your heart grows to make room for new additions. Campbell is a very laid back baby who only fusses (not even cries) when she is hungry. She has been sleeping well and eating well. This has been a very different experience than with Addisan. We had to force Addisan to eat to make sure she gained weight in order to regulate her temperature. She was an awful sleeper because her stomach was not big enough to keep her going for me more than two hours….but all of those sleepless nights were worth it to have such a wonderful daughter. Addisan has made her transition of being a big sister with such ease. She hugs her, helps feed her…and has even said, “I take care of my sister.” I am one glowing mom who has counted her blessings this holiday season.

Campbell right after delivery. I didn’t believe the doctor when she told me that she was three times the size of Addisan until I saw her!
Grandma was the first one to hold her before the rest of the family came.

Me loving on my little girl.

The DeRidders giving Campbell some TLC.

Aunt Lora helping her pose for a picture.

For Addisan‘s Big Sister gift, she received a baby doll that she can feed and change her diaper. My hope is that she can take care of her baby while I have to take of Campbell’s needs. She also received a Fisher Price digital camera to take some pics of her new little sister.

Me and the girls.

Addisan checking on her little sister. She calls her either Cami or Camel.

Addisan helping feed Campbell.

Campbell, Addisan, and Cousin Samantha being silly.

Addisan doting over her little sister.

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