Meeting Cinderella

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The first morning waking up in our hotel room….we had two happy girls!  They were so eager to get the day started considering the night before, we were sitting pool side watching Brave on a big screen and they were up past their bed time.  Addisan continually said to us the sweetest things to show her appreciation of this trip.  She is wise beyond her years.

The first morning there, we were allowed to enter the park before the general public.  My parents had given us breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle for our Christmas gift.  This was better than anything they could have unwrapped and put on their shelves.  This memory was priceless!

It was so quiet when we entered the park.  It was so nice just to take it all in with the girls and not have to fight our way through lines.

We walked around a little bit before going to the castle.  They were so nice there at the castle and were able to seat us before our reservation.

When we entered the castle, we got our pictures taken with Cinderella.  I did not know this was part of the breakfast package.  We were quite pleased!  The girls were sooooo in heaven.

The little details around the castle really made you feel like you were back in time.

When we were seated, they gave each of the girls a wand.  Throughout our meal, they would have some magical words and the kids were to wave their wands around in the air.  It was precious!

They even gave the girls wishing stars.

Throughout the meal, the princesses would come and meet the girls.  These actresses truly took on the characters from their mannerisms to their appearances.

The food was pretty good too!  Disney never let’s you down.

This was one of my favorite memories as a mother so far.  Going to Disney World as a child was fun, but as a parent, it is truly magical to see the world through your daughters’ eyes.

The Home Stretch to the Magic Kingdom

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We were very fortunate because I had a snow day from school on the Friday we were leaving.  We were able to get a head start and get down to our hotel in South Carolina earlier than expected.  We even managed to find a Sweet Frogs along the way to stop at off of I95.  

We have discovered Hampton Inns.  They serve a great hot breakfast….for a hotel that is.  We could make our own waffles, there were muffins, omelets, cereal…and the list goes on and on.

The girls were such troopers when we arrived at Disney World.  Addisan is such a wonderful big sister to Campbell.  She truly looks after her.  I love this picture of the two of them because they are still smiling after a long car ride while Tommy checks us in.

When we arrived in our room, it reminded me almost of a cruise ship.  They did our towels into fancy shaped animals.  

The first thing the girls did when we arrived to our hotel room was go out onto our patio overlooking the “safari.”

Here is what we saw daily outside of our window.  It was amazing!

On the first day, we were not in our room for more than an hour before catching the shuttle bus to Downtown Disney.  The shuttle system was fabulous!  We did not have to wait more than fifteen minutes for any of our shuttles.  We often took advantage of the wait by taking pictures. 

There was so much to do and see there.  We did not have as much time there as we would have liked due to our dinner reservation at our hotel at Boma.  The food was AWESOME!  They had entertainment and kid friendly choices for dinner.  The girls dined on chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

This is what my plate looked like…..many African dishes that were so yummy!!

This was my dessert plate.  I had some of the best bread pudding in the world!

Addisan started noticing all the subtle Mickey Mouse symbols throughout the hotel and parks.  This was the one that was on the back of her chair that began her quest to locate more Mickeys.  

She even started making her own.

After dinner, we walked to the site at our hotel where we could use night goggles to watch the animals.  It was pretty cool!