Sisterly Gift

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It is hard to believe Campbell has “officially” been here for almost a year.  It feels like it was just yesterday I was throwing up in the car, O’Charlie’s, the bathroom… get the idea.  I remember thinking December 17th could not come soon enough.  It is amazing how quickly time flies with kids!  Here we are at Campbell’s first birthday already??!   I really want Addisan to know that art of giving.  In order for her to really get this concept, we brought her to Build-A-Bear at Stoney Point.  I wanted her to make something from the heart.  She got to choose any animal and any two accessories.  Of course, she chose a pink bear…what a shocker:)  She surprisingly had no problem knowing that the bear was not for her, but rather her sister!  Her maturity at three never ceases to amaze me!


Daddy and his girls walking around before going in.


So many choices….where to begin!!?


What a happy girl!
IMG_2479 Campbell hanging out with me while I shop waiting for her Big Sis to get done.

THE Santa Claus

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Santa - Dec 2009

I took the girls to see the Legendary Santa Claus at the Children’s Museum in the beginning of December.  We got there shortly after it opened and we only had to wait about 30 minutes.  Not too bad if I say so myself!  When we got into the actual room where Santa was, strollers were not allowed.  Needless to say, I got a good workout with Campbell.  I was by myself and luckily had the nicest family in front of me in line to help me with the girls:) I know Tommy really wanted to take the girls on the weekend, but he would have had to wait several HOURS to see Santa.  I am hoping next year at this time, we will all be together as a family again!  The girls did great with Santa and went right up there on his lap.  Campbell was not smiling because I took her bottle away for pictures…the nerve of me!  Addisan asked Santa for a pink belt and a pink puppy for Christmas.  I love this age where she is not asking for commercialized merchandise!  I hope it stays this way!



Addisan insisted that Santa needed a gift.  She first wanted to buy him an eclectic guitar, but I tried to explain that he probably already had an extra or two in his workshop (plus, it was not in our budget:)).  So I told her that Santa loves sweets!  She picked out a bag of Swedish Fish to bring him as a gift.  I have been trying to get her to understand that a gift is something you give from your heart that you don’t ask for back.  I was proud of her…she did not ask to share the candy with Santa or even to have the bag back!



Addisan waiting in line with the Snow Princess. 





After visiting Santa, we went to the Children’s Museum to play.  Thanks Baby and Pop-Pop for the year membership!  The girls love it!

Where did November go?

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Playing with dolls.  Campbell will grab her baby dolls and rock them while patting their backs.





Lots and lots of dress up!




Some hangin’ around and looking cute.







Feeding the ducks at the lake.  It is so unusual for the weather to be this NICE for November.






Poor Tommy!  I signed him and Addisan up for a cookie decorating class at Pottery Barn Kids.  Needles to say, I totally misread the registration.  It was a kid’s bedroom decorating class discussing paint options and decor.  Addisan still had fun though spending time with her daddy.






Lots of trips to the zoo with the warm weather!



This Princess Castle that the Yorktown Millers gave Addisan is used by all!!  The girls love it and will turn it upside down so they have more head room.  Even Daizee will go in there and rest.



Tommy surprised me for my birthday a month early!!!  Since my birthday is right after Christmas and it being such a  crazy time of year, he planned ahead.  He sent down my two childhood best friends to dine at our favorite childhood hotspot—Unos.  We also got to get pedicures too!  It was the best gift ever! 



For the Taylors’ birthday gifts, we took them to get their portraits taken at a local place with the girls.  It was an AWFUL experience there.  But, I am glad we at least have a picture to show for the terrible afternoon.