Beach Fun

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We went down to Corolla for a week and had a wonderful time. We went before school was out and it was perfect! There was NO traffic and the weather was awesome….not too hot and not too cool. The water was a little chilly in the beginning of the week, but quickly warmed up. Mike and Nicole and their family went as well as my parents. And of course, we couldn’t leave our four legged children at home, so they joined us at the beach. Below are pictures of our week. We hated leaving and getting back to reality.

The whole gang grabbing a bite to eat one afternoon.

We found the BEST soft serve ice cream down in Whalehead! Here is Gavin trying to win Addisan’s heart though ice cream….I think it worked!

My parents offered to watch the two youngest kids for us while we took just Addisan and Gavin out to dinner. We all forgot what it was like to just have one kid to worry about at dinner…it was so nice!

Addisan eating her snack at the beach in style.

Addisan informed me while we were walking to the beach that she had to go to the bathroom. This is the first accident she has had since being potty trained in a month.

I think we could have lived at the beach all summer!
Gavin and Addisan loved reading books in bed together each night before they went to bed.

Nicole reading to the kids in Gavin’s room.
Pop-Pop, Baby, and the girls on the front porch of our beach house. Addisan was in such an awful mood that night (yes….my little princess was so moody). There was not one picture of her smiling in any of these from that night.

Pop-Pop and Campbell together. Campbell is ALWAYS happy (as long as she is not hungry that is). Her first tooth cut the surface while we were at the beach.

Baby trying to console Addisan.

Campbell getting some tummy time in on Daddy.

The Currituck Lighthouse.

Addisan looking at the top of the lighthouse.

Addisan pointing up at the Harrisons at the top of the lighthouse.

Campbell getting ready to eat.

Campbell eating yet again. She loves her food!

First Love!

Getting ready to the leave for the beach. Addisan refuses to look at the camera most days…I think it is a control thing! It is so frustrating!

I just love this picture of Gavin!

Mike playing Mr. Mom with Addisan and Gavin. I think he was just in it for the Play-Dough.

Nicole and her two little men.

Daddy playing dress up with Campbell.

The girls getting ready for another fun day at the beach.

Dad just taking everything in while we chase the little ones.

Preschool Celebration

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Addisan had an end of the year picnic for preschool. It was a chance for all the families and the teachers to see each other and eat together on the final day of preschool. We had such a wonderful experience at her school. Her teachers were structured, but yet playful. All of her art projects were age appropriate and focused on the experience as opposed to the end product….which is how it should be. All the families that were in her class were fantastic! She made some really good friends this year…one of them actually lives in Charter Colony near us! I am looking forward to another great year next year. Addisan will be attending two mornings a week next year. I think she will be in heaven!