Kids Grow Up Too Quickly

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I went up to NoVa for Jack’s baptismal (Nicole’s son). This was my first trip back home solo with both kids and it was a success. We only had to pull off to feed Campbell once on the way up there at Exit 140. Addisan sang songs while Campbell watched her and gazed out the window during our drive. I brought my camera with us to take pictures at the baptismal party, but with two kids and only two hands…the camera ended up staying in my purse. The kids were great and easy….but it was just tiring! On the way home, I stopped in Vienna to see one of my friends, Beth. I taught her son at Marshall Road three years ago….boy, kids grow up too quickly because he is now a rising SIXTH grader! Beth would come into my classroom once a week to volunteer. Coming from Title One Schools, I wasn’t sure what to do with a parent volunteer because I never had any prior to teaching at Marshall Road! She was a life saver for me each week. We started to really get to know one another when she would babysit my Tivo once a week. Her son would come in early each week to read to Tivo and she would then take my baby home to watch him while I was at school. Tivo loved it at her house and even taught her Josie Dog to open the sliding glass door. Below are pictures of all the kids at Beth’s house:)

Jeff holding Campbell.
Maggie. Tim, and Addisan just being goofy.

….I almost forgot this cute Addisan moment. On our way home, I stopped by McDonalds for a Coke. When we got there, Addisan asked where the farm was….she thought we were going to Old McDonald’s farm:)

Strawberry Pickin’

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Tommy and I took the girls to the Chesterfield Berry Farm to go strawberry picking. We all had such a good time, especially Addisan. She LOVED sampling the strawberry selection. She would pick one, take a bite, throw it down and repeat the cycle again with another strawberry. There are animals there on the farm you can feed, corn kernels you can play in, hay rides to take….unfortunately, there are not many pictures to capture these moments because our camera battery died. I was so bummed….but lesson learned! I think next year will be even better when Campbell will be more mobile and we don’t have to hold a 20 pound baby:)