Ode to Campbell

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Poor Campbell has been missing out on some blog entries lately. So here is my ode to Campbell and all of her mini milestones lately. She is now three months old and weighs 16.2 pounds! She is starting to talk A LOT and recognizing whose voice is who. She is very alert and loves sucking on her fists. Her hair is not falling out like I thought it would and it is still pretty full! Here are some pictures of our fluffy one! She is the sweetest thing!

Bowling Fun

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I took Addisan bowling for the first time yesterday. There is a bowling ally near us that has a super deal on Mondays…..$2 for shoes and $2 per game. When we first arrived, I thought we would each be able to play one game and take turns. I sometimes forget that Addisan really is a two and a half year old because she is so mature in so many ways. I saw her true age yesterday. We started off wonderfully….she was so excited to be wearing some new fun bowling shoes. She thought it was like dress up. Since there were no ramps to help with the bumpers, I helped her push the ball down the ally and then she would help me. We did pretty well until about the fifth frame and she realized the exciting ramp that she could run up and down and the arcade games right next to our lane. I kept her attention until the ninth frame where her listening ears where just not working and we called it a day. Overall though, it was an enjoyable afternoon and a good experience for her:)

Addisan with her new shoes.
Addisan watching her ball go down the ally.

I love this one! Her body language says it all…she knocked down a lot of pins!

Here she is waiting for the ball.

Smiling at the end!