Friends, Friends, Friends

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Addisan is one lucky girl! She has so many friends in our neighborhood that just adore her and she feels the same way about all of them. Here is a picture of one of her friends, Patricia, who lives across the street from us. She has helped me out a lot this summer as a Mother’s Helper. Addisan just loved being with her. She calls her Pipi and every time she puts on her bug hat that Patricia’s family gave her, she says “Pipi’s hat.” I am constantly amazed with Addisan’s memory. She remembers EVERYTHING people have given her. Both Addisan and I are fortunate to have so many caring neighbors!

What a Buddy!

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My former first grader, Mason, came over to see our special guest. Our guest’s name was Buddy and what a friend he was to all. Mason sees friends in the same light as I do…2 legs, 4 legs…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the size of their hearts. Needless to say, Buddy was a dog!

Tommy and I foster throughout the year for a local dog rescue called Happe Pets. We fostered Buddy for a week while his foster family was on vacation. He was lazier than our dogs…which is hard to do! Plus, he loved Addisan. During his stay with us, a couple from Pennsylvania was interested in adopting him. They wanted to take him on a trial on their way down to their Florida home from Pennsylvania. Within a couple of days of their arrival in the Sunshine State with Buddy, this couple made it official and Buddy became a member of their family. From a stray one day with no home, to a spoiled puppy with not only one place to call home, but a vacation home…what a lucky dog!

Mason and Addisan are just relaxing on the couch.

Mason attempting to get all three dogs to look at the camera at the same time. What a difficult task!

History Reliving Itself

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Julie just taking everything in.

Addisan is ALWAYS ready for the water!

Bubbles…You can never go wrong!

My two best friends from childhood, Colleen and Sara, and I, have known each other since the time we could swim at an early age. We spent our summers at the pool harassing the life guards, sleeping over at each others’ houses all the time, going on family vacations together….they became the two sisters I never had. We have been through every milestone together. I don’t think I would be the same person who I am today without them. We were able to all get together today with our girls down here in Richmond. We met at Colleen’s sister’s house where we enjoyed pizza, the pool, and bubbles. They could not have come at a better time…I have been extremely homesick lately. There is nothing better than being with friends where you can just let your tears roll without any reservation. There is something to be said for being able to sit with someone who already knows your history without saying a word…because she has lived it with you. Julianna, Marissa, and Addisan enjoyed being together. I hope they develop the same bond that I have with their mothers and create wonderful memories of friendship of their own.

The three of us a few years ago at Colleen’s childhood home.

Addisan will be a BIG sister to Campbell!

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Addisan just posing for the camera.

We found out today that we will be having another little girl in December. Since I had a C-section with Addisan, my doctor said that would be the safest route for us this time as well. Campbell Layne Taylor will be making her entrance into the world on December 17….that is, unless she decides to come early like her big sister. We are all so excited about the newest addition. We could not ask for a better Christmas gift!

Fun at Brandermill

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Ian feeding the ducks.

Hayden coaxing the geese to come over.

Ta-Da….here I am!

Ian posing for a photo shot.

Hayden manning the shovel rope.

Addisan and her BFF Kasey.

The four of them on the see-saw.

On Friday, we met our friend Kasey and her niece and nephew (Hayden and Ian) at a local park. Addisan had a blast with them and enjoyed going on the swings and just running around. Hayden went on a lizard hunt while Ian manned a pirate ship. Though it was super hot that day, the shaded park equipment made the park feasible that day. There were some super nice women at the lake that shared their bread with us so we could also partake in feeding the ducks and geese. These feathered friends must have been regulars at the lake because they did not fear humans and charged us for the bread. After our adventures at the park, we met Kasey’s mom and her friend at a local Italian place. Addisan had a blast with everyone!