When Daddy’s in Charge…

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Side profile of her beautiful hair-do.

I bet she is thinking…I am glad dad is not in charge too often.

Most dads run the opposite direction when styling their daughters’ hair comes up in conversation. Not my Tommy. He takes pride in his artistic ability to style Addisan’s hair. Addisan is one cool chick! I really think this is daddy’s way to keep the boys away from her….by scaring them with her hair-do. Addisan is a huge flirt with the boys…..no matter the age of them! In my opinion, she is a fabulous girl with or with out a million hair doodles:)

Preschool, Here I Come!

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This was the smallest book bag I could find…

and it was still big enough to fit her inside!

This fall, Addisan will be starting preschool at a local church. It is only one morning a week for three hours. I know she is going to love it. Most kids are going to cry when their parents leave….not our Addisan…mark my words. She will be the one crying when we pick her up because she does not want to leave her friends. She has the opposite problem of most kids her age. Her eagerness to be with others was a sign that she was ready to start school this year. In order to prepare for this big upcoming event, we had to go shopping, of course! I spent my GymBucks on a matching book bag and lunch box for the school year. She must be stylin’ when she starts school!

Tivo celebrated his FOURTH year with us!

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The homemade doggie birthday cake that I made him from a recipe from the cookbook,
Three Dog Bakery.

Daizee waiting patiently for the party to get started.

The Birthday Boy as happy as he can be.

Zep, Tivo, and Daizee taking a break from playing to get a photo taken.

Four years ago, Tommy made the mistake of going to Richmond by himself in order to give me a quiet weekend at home to take my Comprehensive Exams for UVa. On my way to Borders to study, I decided to go to the pet adoption at PetSmart. My procrastination to study changed my life for the better, and the betterment of a stray dog that was found in Fredericksburg. When I first entered PetSmart, I had no intention of adopting a dog without Tommy being part of the decision. I was just checking out who was available since we had started thinking about adopting a dog. Once I laid eyes on Tivo, the shyest dog of the bunch, it was love at first sight. I knew this was my soul mate on four legs:) One long distance call to Tommy and only a few tears shed, Colt came home with me. Colt was the name that was given to Tivo by the rescuers. This name did not truly express who he really was. Tivo was going to become a city dog and needed a trendy name….and plus, his Daddy loved his DVR Tivo. Tivo has been through everything with us….wedding planning, lots of school drama, pregnancy, a move to Richmond…..every major milestone he has gone through with me. To celebrate his birthday, we had our friends Kasey and Ken over with their dog Zep. I made the dogs an edible birthday cake which they loved. Zep ate his piece in one bite without ever chewing…it was a sight to see:) People told me that our dogs would get demoted when the baby came…they were mistaken. They are truly part of our family and we would not be the same people without them. They have taught us unconditional love and loyalty…for that, we are grateful for!

Ju-Ju is now 80 years young!

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Addisan helping Ju-Ju with the candles on the cake.

The Sunday after returning from the beach, we celebrated Tommy’s dad’s 80th birthday. Tommy grilled burgers and hot dogs on his new grill while we enjoyed the AC inside. Tommy is a trooper! Addisan enjoyed eating lots of icing on from the cake and entertaining all the guests with her dance moves. Happy Birthday Ju-ju!

Beach Week

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Tommy and Addisan in the pool outback. She is wearing her “muscle suit” to help her stay afloat for safety.

We could not keep her out of the water….she would run for it as soon as she saw it!

After a hard day at the beach, what better way to refresh than a juice box?

We went to Corolla this past week with my family. We had a wonderful time and did not want to come back. My brother John and his family came from Yorktown; my sister-in-law Kris and her friend Candy came as well as my nephew and niece (my brother had to work); my mom and dad; and my childhood friend Ronya . The weather was ideal. Only on Tuesday were we “forced” to go to the outlets en lieu of going to the beach. Surprisingly, I did not purchase anything for myself! Addisan was a true beach baby. We could not keep her out of the waves or the pool. She would get hit in the face with a wave and pull your hand to go back for more. Since the tides were somewhat strong due to a hurricane that was out to sea, someone had to hold her hand in the water at all times. She was so determined to go in the water that she would go limp while you held her hand in order to try to escape and hit the waves by herself. From all my running around with her at the beach, I lost two pounds! I can’t wait to take her again. I think we might have to take a day trip down there soon.

Fun with Friends

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Addisan and Madison enjoying each other.

Who would have ever thought when going into teaching that my students’ parents would become my friends. I feel very fortunate with this surprise. I went over to see my friend Angie, Madi (my former student who is now going into third grade), and their little one year old “Pickle” named Dylan. It is hard to believe I left teaching an entire year ago. I hope Addisan turns out just as sweet as Madi. Once Madi gets older, she will be on my speed dial for babysitting:)

Crab Louie’s

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Addisan is holding on to her leftovers and refusing to smile for the camera.

Today we went to Crab Louie’s for lunch. It was kind of like going to water aerobics, we were the youngest ones there by at least 40 years! We met Kasey, her mom, and her friend Catherine there. The food was fabulous and the bread was awesome. Addisan was done sitting by the end of the meal. Outside the restaurant, I attempted to take some pictures of Addisan. She was more interested in running around with her left over fish than standing still:) This kid will eat salmon over chicken…how odd at this age!

Short Pump

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Today we went to Short Pump Mall to meet up with our friend Clare and her son Bradley. The kids had a great time playing. We spent a lot of time in the toy store playing with the train table and having grocery cart races around the store. We bought one or two items (that we still have not told Daddy about yet). At the water fountain, Addisan thought it was like the baby pool and attempted on more than one occasion to hop in. Luckily she enjoyed throwing pennies into it instead of swimming in it. After leaving the mall, we met up with Daddy for lunch at the Thai Diner. My latest craving is Cury Thai….YUM!

Bradley and Addisan at one of the play stores by the train station at the mall.

Two possible love birds???

They both loved the fountain!

Addisan trying to figure out how to get back up on the fountain.

Addisan outside of Starbucks after downing her chocolate milk

Addisan just looking cute:)

Silly Sara

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Addisan enjoying some reading by herself.

One of Addisan’s favorite pastimes is reading. I read a minimum of 20 books a day to her. She cannot get enough of them. My friend Sara mailed me a package when I was really sick and included the book, Silly Sara. This is THE book Addisan cannot get enough of to read. It is to the point that after the fifth read or so, I hide it in the couch coushins. I just hope Addisan enjoys reading books more than her mommy does…US Weekly is about my speed.

Fun at Stoney Point

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Addisan showing us the way to the fountain.

A little morning sickness did not keep us away from meeting our friend Kasey at Stoney Point today. We had such a fun time eating at Panera for lunch and doing some shopping. Addisan’s reward for a hard day’s work at the mall was getting to play in the fountain. At Stoney Point, they have a water display where water shoots from the ground in a timed manner and all the kids can run through it. She did not know what to think of the water at first. The water would come out of the ground and surprise her. By the end, she was all over the place yelling “bubbles” and doing the sign for it with her hands. She was the youngest one there playing, but held her own! She is a true water baby.

Video of Addisan playing in the fountain.